Monday, July 2, 2007

Carter ran away...

It's a rainy today, which our grass/shrubs/flowers are loving!
Carter ran away for the first time today :)...he as mad at me b/c he wanted a toy that Sydney had, and wouldn't settle for anything he carried his little legs down the block crying...(he got 2 houses away, while Sydney and I watched, trying not to smile) He realized that we weren't coming to get him, so he rounded the mailbox and headed back home. I hope that was the first and only time he runs away from home!
This past weekend was relaxing. We went grocery shopping, visited Mr. and Mrs. Gardner (pray for him, he is in a lot of pain), and taught Junior Church.
Pretty typical weekend.
Hope all is well with you!


Ruthy said...

I can just picture the "Carter" incident; priceless. =0)

merrittfam said...

How freaky-at least he came back-I tell ya, those 15 month olds they really do know how to test the waters, don't they? Hope you guys are doing well-we were so happy to hear about Alli's MRI-Praise God!!

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