Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Get-a-way

The kids and I had a "get-a-way" up at Ruthy and Jon Horner's home...
We had so much fun!
They live about 2 hours north in Pequot Lakes.
We went from Tuesday-Thursday...Sydney loved playing with Zoe, learning the concept of sharing and playing house, dr (which is quite interesting if you ask me), dress-up, church, and more!
Tuesday we went to Cheryl and Mike's home (so use to calling it their cabin, but it is their home now) and the kids went swimming and ate dinner.
Wednesday we went to the turtle races in Nisswa and we enjoyed our first movie theatre experience (don't ask me why I waited until I had 3 kids before I introduced a movie theatre experience! went well. We saw "Rattatouile" was a cute movie.
Thursday, we woke up late and just played around until we left after lunch.
We are safe and sound at home, eagerly anticipating the arrival of MARK!...
Talk to you all later.


Marcy said...

Sounds like fun, Krista! Are you all getting together with Karie and I on Tuesday?

Ruthy said...

I didn't realize until today how much food you left! Thanks for that! =0) Did you figure out the picture thing?

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