Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

We are so thankful for 2009...Sydney accepted Jesus as her personal Savior & Lord. WHAT A BLESSING! We have been praying for her since she was born, it was overwhelming joy!
Grant Arthur was born into our family in July, he is so content and such a happy baby. He is struggling with a touch of pnemonia right now, so we are praying that God uses the drugs to heal him up quick!
Carter is able to recognize #'s up to 10 and we are working on letter recognition...planning to send him to preschool next year.
Alli is memorizing scripture, potty trained and is strong willed as a bull! Lord help with her! :) She won't be peer pressured into too many things when she get's older!
We started homeschooling Sydney this year and are really enjoying it! It's so fun to see her learn and want to know more!
Mark is enjoying the Credit Union. Feeling more and more at home. His members are so nice and really are kind!
I am busy with everyday stuff and find the day's quickly slipping by. I'm doing a Mom's Bible Study 2 times a month, "Power of a Positive Mom"...and would highly recomment "She's Gonna Blow" too...Great study's! We are visiting Berean Baptist right now (Southern-Calvinist Baptist Church)...
Blessings for 2010!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby 4 is coming...

Just a quick update...I've been back and forth for dr visits in the cities...It's official the induction is scheduled for Monday, July 20th...our Fourth and Final should be here...Lord willing...We choose the name Grant Arthur...will keep you posted on all the stats as we can!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, I haven't blogged for quite a while because I spend most of my internet on facebook...

Mark went on a fishing trip with some guys from Ely, they fished Basswood (in BWCA) and slept overnight 2 nights. They caught about 200 fish, Mark says he got 27 walleye and 3 northerns. Fishing was great. This past week we fryed up some walleye, and it was SO GOOD! I told him he might have to go out and catch us fish for supper at least once a week!

Mark started demo'ing the bathroom and dust is flying and plaster! It's exciting to see that I won't have a 1800 bathroom forever!

We had a garage sale at our house last Saturday, it was snowing and horribly windy. Lovely, but thankfully we sold a big item and a bunch of small items...we made out pretty good.

We had parent conferences at Sydney's preschool...she is exceling in reading, math and her social skills. It was fun to hear! We talked about how sensitive she is and if she will grow out of it...Ruth Lah says that her daughter fainted while hearing the story "Old Yeller" in school, so at least we know to avoid sad books/movies! :)

Carter had his 3 year old check up today, he is a good communicator and analyzes things before he does anything.

Alli is a little stinker, she is not wanting to eat with the family lately. She wants to just graze and doesn't really seem to eat much.

Pepper hasn't ran away in a while, which is nice, since we are down to 1 car.

My ladies bible study is winding down, and we have 2 chapters left. It has been great. My allergies is kicking in really bad! I think something must be bloomin or the dust that is getting kicked up from the demo might been the culprit.

We are headed to the cities this weekend to see Brenda and Kirk for Memorial weekend. I am almost 31 weeks, and think I will be enduced the 20th of July, so only 8 weeks left! CRAZY

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Weather!

It's been so beautiful! Thank you Lord for this weather! Last week the kids and I went to the cities for a dr appointment and was so relaxing!!! I was able to lounge on the deck and watch the kids wear themselves out! We had Easter dinner at Jack and Nancy's...with Aunt Janet and Grandma Olson...
When we got back to ely we were pleasantly surprised to see alot of the snow melting! YEAH! We walked to the dr office for Carter's finger (check up) Monday and Tuesday (about 25 blocks) and today we met friends on the trazona and walked about 2 miles! CRAZY! It is about 60 and now sunny...and tomorrow is going to be beautiful too...we are meeting friends again to walk.
Hope all is well...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr visits

Well, it's been a while since my last post! Jack and Nancy visited here for Mark's birthday, we had a good time, however the weather was quite cold! But, what do we expect in ely? I had a run with the flu, for a week, yuck!!
Last week Alli smashed her fingers in the garbage container, it weighed about 50 pounds and I thought her fingers were broken thankfully, the xray showed different. Saturday, Alli was choking and threw up a quarter! Oh my word!! Thank you Lord!!
Today, Carter was chasing Sydney in the basement and tripped on his boots (which were on the wrong feet) and ended up breaking his pinky finger! Poor guy! He is so accident prone! The dr's and nurses know us all better than there own family, I think!
We are still sorting out boys names.
We decided to homeschool Sydney, so pray that we do a good job in training her in the way we should...Hope you are all doing next trip to the cities is next Tuesday-Sunday! YEAH!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Itza Boy

Its a boy! I did have an ultrasound last Thursday (they were worried about a low lying placenta---just got word from the dr yesterday, the placenta moved up, so nothing to be concerned about) and she confirmed it was a boy! We don't have any boy names, so any suggestions would be helpful.
We got the blizzard that everyone kept telling us was coming, it's really pretty outside.
Friday night is family fun night for ECFE...we are helping with concessions and setting up! It's bring your family and eat dinner, dance around with other little kids (all kid friendly songs like "old mcdonald", etc..). We are excited for that!
Oh....funny story today! Sydney and Carter were playing outside in the snow and Sydney came to the door to tell me to see what she found. She had a dead bird laying on the back porch. I quickly told her we couldn't have the bird inside, and she was wondering if she could have it as her pet. I kindly explained that pets are live animals and not dead....not to mention the fact that pepper would use that as a chew toy! She was disappointed, but I told her she could save it outside until daddy came home! Kids are so cute...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun week

I am heading to the cities Tuesday-Sunday for a dr appointment and to celebrate Carter's birthday.
I was painting the bathroom today a fun blue color, boy does my back kill...and I am exhausted, but it was worth it!
Wednesday I am planning to get together with the girls and than visit 1st Baptist for church in the evening.
Thursday I am meeting my grandma for lunch with the kids and than maybe visiting IKEA.
Friday I am going to run to Ely to pick up Mark and make it back before the kids go to bed...
Saturday we are having a birthday party for Carter (thomas theme)
Sunday we head back to good ole Ely.
Have a good week...and we don't have our cell phones anymore so if you want to get ahold of us this week call Jack and Nancy.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Ely Basketball game

We went to the library for storytime yesterday morning and the kids loved it! It's always fun to listen to stories with friends and when someone else is reading (and if you get a cookie at the end) :)!
We attended the first of many, I am sure, Ely basketball games. Sydney's friend Broc played at halftime. It was fun to watch and I couldn't believe how many people who don't have family playing come out to watch and support the team. They got creamed by Cloquet, but that's ok we enjoy hoops anyway!
Broc is 5 and he plays with the kindergarten boys, and every varsity boys home game, they play at halftime. Gives them practice for a crowd and learning the key skills.
Today we are going to a birthday part at LaTourell's...their friend Grace turns 3. (broc's sister) Its more fun for the adults to get together, I think :)...
Tomorrow is the 2nd annual dog sled racing, I don't know if we will make it or not ,but its fun to see the dogs pull the sleds.
Hope all is well...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Brenda had her baby!

The Krekelbergs are proud to annouce the arrival of Luke Russell today! He weighed in at 10 pounds 12 oz, 23 inches long! Brenda was induced this morning and had 3 pushes...she got her epideral which was vital! She says he doesn't have too much hair and blue eyes...I can hardly wait for Kirk to send us the first photos! Faith will be visiting her little brother tomorrow!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blessings and Opportunity's

I feel really blessed lately, and a bit overwhelmed...the big thing going on right now, is the moms bible study we are doing. We layed out the plan of salvation and gave them the opportunity to accept Christ. It was neat to hear the questions, and the sad thoughts they had about other family members that would go to hell if they didn't follow Christ too. The Bible way is so clear and easy, but it seems that other religions say, Christ wasn't enough, I have to do "xyz" too... talk about a slap in Christ's face...Lord, you can be my help when I need you financially, when Im sick or someone I know is sick, but when it's comes to heaven, I know better? Sad, but true alot of the time. We are continuing in our "Lies women believe" book this coming week, and there are a lot of convicting thoughts, so I pray God will continue to work. The funny thing about this study to me is, some of these women don't believe the bible is 100% true, but yet they still want to study it? Praise the Lord, he works in mysterious ways. I have been able to indivually talk to each of the ladies, and pray that I can keep the communication lines open and be able to field the questions in a biblical way!
We are going to be heading to brainerd this weekend, getting hair cuts and staying at the waterpark. pepper will stay with a coworker of mark's and he will be completely pampered.
Brenda is due today, and I hope she will go soon! I am looking forward to little Luke!
I am 16 weeks pregnant, I think? yeah I am pretty sure, definitely growing a belly, awkward stages.
Mark has really wrecked his back...he actually broke down and went to the chiropractor today. He has a bulging disk, crooked spine and mulitple misplaced stuff...he had too much inflamation for the dr to do anything today, so tomorrow morning he is going back after he is done icing it all night! Poor guy, he acts like a 90 year old frail man! :)
Alli is talking a little more, saying "bowl, ball, yeah, pepper" It's funny to hear her talk. She is definitely independent, we won't know where she is and than we will find her all by herself playing in the toy room.
Carter is ready to turn 3, he asks almost everyday when his birthday is! He has a bad cough now, so we are praying that goes away quickly. He loves being outside with me, rolling in the wet snow.
Sydney is doing well in preschool, her review turned out well, she is doing everything a 4 year old should be doing. She is excelling in awana program, and loves helping with the dog!
Ely was super warm this past few days, and still is in my book (about 20 degrees)...its been a huge blessing for us! We have been taking advantage of this great weather!
hope you are all doing well! Toodles.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted! Well, what is different in our lives? Pepper is the new addition to our family. He has exceeded our expectations! He listens really well, shakes, sits and never barks. The kids do everything to him and he just sits there, the cutest thing is Alli likes to grab his face with both her hands and says "mmmm" and kisses him on the mouth! He ususally is forced to lick her...we laugh. She also locks herself with him in his kennel...he tries to look the other way, while she shares her baby and blankie with him! He is a fun addition.
We had a cold spell last week and are getting another one tonight. It's so hard on us b/c we are locked inside, with no where to go! Bummer! I am really hoping for an early spring.
I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and have gotten my appetite back...but am doing a 4 mile walk to make up for it...which probably doesn't equal the amount of food I have been consuming...I have been so hungry lately!
Mark had his annual audits done and he got a Camel rating 2 which is really good, and his audits this week went great too.
Hope all is well, and I understand if you don't want to visit us here but come spring you should come up! Oh, Feb 6-16 is Ely Winter Festival...if you are interested check out

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What will 2009 hold?

Well, 2008 is done hard to believe! I wonder what 2009 will bring!
We are ready to get back into a normal routine and have our house back in order, glad the decorations and tree is down and we can just breathe...
Our church retracted the vote for the new pastor, huge answer to prayer! So, we are still looking for a new pastor, so keep that at the top of the prayer list...pray for a saved pastor who is grounded in the Word!
We are getting a new puppy this weekend, Pepper...he is a 1-2 year old black lab :) the kids and I can hardly wait...
We are also pregnant, if you didn't get a Christmas card or didn't read it carefully LOL, we are about 11 weeks along, due at the end of July. The plans are to continue seeing my dr in the cities and plan an induction at Unity sometime in July! As long as things are noneventful, which is usually the case for me, thankfully!
Well, I am shivering by the window I will write again later!

About Me

I am a wife and mother of three beautful children. I like to keep busy up here in Ely, since there isn't much to do. Sydney is in preschool, and I take the kids to ECFE every week. I am starting a ladies bible study 2 times a month and am also leading another bible study, twice a month. We love hiking, boating, fishing and going on dates together...we love our new life up here in Ely!