Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun Weekend

Well, we had an enjoyable weekend...the parade Friday night was a little shorter than I expected, but the kids had fun playing with friends! Thursday night we walked all over town, running into friends and chatting while we shopped, it was beautiful b/c we got 3.5 inches of snow! Saturday was a little more traumatic for us...Alli had a "dolly" fall on her, the kind that helps move big furniture! We thought she might have broke her nose, but thankfully she didn't! Carter bit his tongue so hard that we could see flaps of skin! OUCH!!! and his chin was pretty much cut open! No stiches thankfully! Poor kids!
Heidi was told Wednesday that her permanent home is in Detroit Lakes with our aunt and uncle for the next 2 is glad to be out of the foster care program! Thank you Lord!
I have been dealing with a new question in my ladies bible study...they were asking how scripture is the ultimate authority when men wrote the Bible, not God...and really wondering if the bible is just a really good self help we are researching and going to be going over this in our next Bible study, please keep me in prayer!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you and yours has a fun filled thanksgiving...."come into his courts with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise" 'be thankful unto him and bless his name!" Praise God for our country, family, love and many blessings!
Our turkey is cooking now and we are going out to downtown Ely to have some neighborhood shopping fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Outside!

Text ColorWe have been going outside everyday this week...enjoying the dustings of snow. It's about 20 degree weather, but we had to get out to get that fresh air.
I filled up with gas for only $41 today! I was so excited?! That filled 25.75 gallons!!! HOW EXCITING!
Tomorrow we are meeting friends on the trazona and playing in the snow and than going to their house for lunch.
Sunday's program was pretty neat, mainly music and thanking God for being such a good God. The only weird part was when we finished with the hymn "When we all get to heaven"...since we were from all different religions, I just thought it was weird. Our church is doing movie nights Sunday nights and this Sunday is playing the movie "Facing the Giants"...if you haven't seen got to! It's great.
We were planning on visiting Heidi this weekend up in DL, but the 11 hour drive is holding us back, so it's Ely all weekend long :) I will let you know how it goes...
Can't wait until Thanksgiving! Trying to think of a good tradition we can start as a family...Also, I have been thinking about how the world and even us christians fog the whole Christmas season by focusing on shopping, gifts and baking...I really want my kids to focus on Christ and what he gave us for the season, so if you have any ideas on what I can do to really have the kids enjoy christmas by Christ as the focus...I am all ears!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We headed to the cities Friday night (a week ago) and made it before 10pm! Finally! We got to bed early, so Mark could go out hunting...Saturday, we hung around Jack & Nancy's most the day and had fun reconnecting with friends on Sunday...Monday we had an all day playdate at Tiffany' was great to see my old friends and watch how their kids have grown! Almost all were pregnant...Karie & I were the only non-prego people! :) Tuesday Mark got up early one last time to hunt, while we had Shannon Fure & Jack over...we had so much fun catching up and swapping books! Tuesday night we headed up to the cabin in Brainerd and enjoyed some R&R, we decided to stay in the area an extra couple of days at a hotel. We took the kids to see Madagascar II. It was cute! It was nice to have the theatre to ourselves, so Alli could roam as she needed too...I shopped until I dropped and than, we headed back to Ely last Saturday afternoon...we made a quick stop in Grand Rapids, at Judy Garland's birthplace...let me tell you! It was the PERFECT place for kids!!! If you have a day or weekend get away! I promise you will be there with your kids for a minimum of 4 hours! IT WAS FABULOUS!!! This week has been low key for us, b/c we came down with colds :(...but I am thankful it was last week instead of this coming week. Wednesday we had ladies bible study, talking about how use to divorce and satan blinds us to what truth is! We had pastie night on Tuesday night and had Bill and Doreen over for dinner! I practiced making a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, and it was a hit...nummy! Well...we had church today and tonight we actually have a Thanksgathering service, all the churches in town gather at Ely Baptist and worship Christ and have a thanksgiving service (Im curious to see if anyone gets up to speak, and questioning the whole idea, b/c we all believe differently...but we are going to check it out and leave if we need too) We are having Thanksgiving all by ourselves this year...kind of fun...first time ever! Jack and Nancy flew out to Sharon and Brandon's for a while and Brenda and Kirk are driving up to them too...Anyways, sorry the post is so long! I had to catch up from last week when we had colds. Miss you guys!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election is OVER!

I am so thankful the Election is OVER! This has been one long ride. I am disappointed that McCain didn't win, but know that I did my part by using my vote to the fullest. I can't change the outcome and stressing out about it doesn't help any! I am frankly ready for the media to complain about the democratic party for a change, finally if they screw up our economy, soliders, etc...the republicans are NOT going to blamed...I am happy for the breakthrough for the africian americans...

Enough about the elections!

We have been takign advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having the past few days, I think we walked about 4 miles or so...soaking up the sun!

I am not looking forward to the rain coming and than the snow. We are heading to the Cities for hunting season this Friday afternoon! We will be in the cities for a few days or so!

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