Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! We did send out Christmas cards, but they got sent out you probably won't get it until this weekend! Sorry!
We are chilling in Ely tonight, maybe go to the Christmas Eve service? We will open presents tomorrow morning and than go sledding...
Merry Christmas...remember Christmas wouldn't be if Christ didn't come...thank you Jesus!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, Jack and Nancy made it up about 11pm Friday night safe and sound!~It was a cold weekend, but when it hit 5 degrees above zero we were heading to the park to ice skate! We didn't make it too long, especially the kids their toes were frozen! Mark, Nancy and I decided to get a few things at the grocery store, and you would normally think we would get in the car and drive there, but b/c we live in Ely...we walked, pulling our sled behind us, so it could carry the grocery's back to our house! (we live about 5 blocks away)...
Sunday was a hard day for Mark and I...our church had a pastor candidate at Ely Baptist...He was fresh out of Bethel College and seemed quite promising. Wow...we didn't agree with him on the fundamentals so, we are going to be looking for another church. They voted him in 28-4. I did pray and ask God for a clear answer, and thank you was crystal clear...Pray for us, this is going to be hard socially for us, and I don't want this to jeopardize what the Lord has been doing in the Bible study we have been doing! How bittersweet? Hope you have a great Christmas, we will be in Ely for the Holidays! Lord Bless!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold weather, a blessing?

Wow, who would have thought that this cold weather could be a blessing? But, today at Bible Study, my friend Kristi says that the guys at the college haven't been out of control, b/c of the weather, it's too cold to go outside and stir up trouble! It was an answer to prayer for her and us!
Sydney baked cookies at preschool on Tuesday, today had a AWANA christmas party and tomorrow she has school and than a birthday party at the GEL. She is one busy girl!
We had bible study today and it was great!!! We talked about how science and religion go hand in hand and science can't contradict God's Laws of Beginnings and Causes...really interesting stuff, I am not a science buff, so it was nice to scratch the surface and still understand!
Mark is keeping busy at work, he usually stays with Sydney while she is at AWANA and does the Bible Study...
We got invited out to dinner at the Ellerbrooks last night...we had a good time, and boy is she a great cook!
Jack and Nancy are going to get their dog sled team together and head up here for the weekend. We are all looking forward to seeing them, it's been since the beginning of November since we had seen them last...
I am hosting a Birthday party bash for Jesus next monday, the kids are donating a toy to Jesus and we are going to have a cake and everything, just trying to distract them from "getting"... Pray we can donate the toys to someone special who God can show His love towards this holiday season....
Well, I would say, come up and enjoy ELY...but, WAIT until its a little warmer!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet Sydney

We have been having a lot of cold weather day we woke up to -19!'s a blizzard out there right now, our Sunday School program was cancelled for tonight. I haven't written lately, but have been meaning too...Sydney's preschool teacher came up to me last Thursday and put her arm around me and said, "Sydney is just so sweet in class, everytime I bring up Santa Clause, she tells me, Mrs. Lah, Christmas is about Jesus' birth, not Santa!...she said that she is so proud of her, b/c no other kids care about Jesus' like she does and how she doesn't care about presents, just that Jesus gets recognized for Christmas!"...I was praying this season that I could impact the kids towards Jesus this season and not on the other things we get distracted with! She wrote a letter to Santa Clause with her preshool, and she said "Santa, Christmas is about when Jesus was born in Bethlehem...and she asked for presents for everyone of us, except herself! I am just so thankful for her selfless attitude! Ineed to be more like that! Don't forget the real reason of Christmas...our ticket to heaven, escaping hell!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bible Study update

Just updating you guys on my Bible Study. First, thank you for praying, it truly helped!
We started out by addressing the fact that there have been some questions and asked them to please feel free to ask...So, they unloaded, great questions...Who wrote the Bible? Is divorce ok if you are getting abused? How do we know if our pastor is decieving us? Can you argue someone's belief? Is the Bible open to interpretation or is black/white?
I was so excited that they are really searching and not just wanting to do our bible study for social's truly to have purpose...
So they decided they wanted to first study the validity of the Bible first and than move on w/the the next 4 lessons are going to be from a study called "examine the exidence". We address all their questions, plus have an opportunity to accept Christ...HOW EXCITING!
Couple of prayer requests...these women would be saved, Kristi's family is struggling w/their job up here due to some threats by college kids, my testimony to be real and that I desire God w/my whole heart! THANK YOU!

About Me

I am a wife and mother of three beautful children. I like to keep busy up here in Ely, since there isn't much to do. Sydney is in preschool, and I take the kids to ECFE every week. I am starting a ladies bible study 2 times a month and am also leading another bible study, twice a month. We love hiking, boating, fishing and going on dates together...we love our new life up here in Ely!