Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Itza Boy

Its a boy! I did have an ultrasound last Thursday (they were worried about a low lying placenta---just got word from the dr yesterday, the placenta moved up, so nothing to be concerned about) and she confirmed it was a boy! We don't have any boy names, so any suggestions would be helpful.
We got the blizzard that everyone kept telling us was coming, it's really pretty outside.
Friday night is family fun night for ECFE...we are helping with concessions and setting up! It's bring your family and eat dinner, dance around with other little kids (all kid friendly songs like "old mcdonald", etc..). We are excited for that!
Oh....funny story today! Sydney and Carter were playing outside in the snow and Sydney came to the door to tell me to see what she found. She had a dead bird laying on the back porch. I quickly told her we couldn't have the bird inside, and she was wondering if she could have it as her pet. I kindly explained that pets are live animals and not dead....not to mention the fact that pepper would use that as a chew toy! She was disappointed, but I told her she could save it outside until daddy came home! Kids are so cute...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun week

I am heading to the cities Tuesday-Sunday for a dr appointment and to celebrate Carter's birthday.
I was painting the bathroom today a fun blue color, boy does my back kill...and I am exhausted, but it was worth it!
Wednesday I am planning to get together with the girls and than visit 1st Baptist for church in the evening.
Thursday I am meeting my grandma for lunch with the kids and than maybe visiting IKEA.
Friday I am going to run to Ely to pick up Mark and make it back before the kids go to bed...
Saturday we are having a birthday party for Carter (thomas theme)
Sunday we head back to good ole Ely.
Have a good week...and we don't have our cell phones anymore so if you want to get ahold of us this week call Jack and Nancy.

About Me

I am a wife and mother of three beautful children. I like to keep busy up here in Ely, since there isn't much to do. Sydney is in preschool, and I take the kids to ECFE every week. I am starting a ladies bible study 2 times a month and am also leading another bible study, twice a month. We love hiking, boating, fishing and going on dates together...we love our new life up here in Ely!