Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, I haven't blogged for quite a while because I spend most of my internet on facebook...

Mark went on a fishing trip with some guys from Ely, they fished Basswood (in BWCA) and slept overnight 2 nights. They caught about 200 fish, Mark says he got 27 walleye and 3 northerns. Fishing was great. This past week we fryed up some walleye, and it was SO GOOD! I told him he might have to go out and catch us fish for supper at least once a week!

Mark started demo'ing the bathroom and dust is flying and plaster! It's exciting to see that I won't have a 1800 bathroom forever!

We had a garage sale at our house last Saturday, it was snowing and horribly windy. Lovely, but thankfully we sold a big item and a bunch of small items...we made out pretty good.

We had parent conferences at Sydney's preschool...she is exceling in reading, math and her social skills. It was fun to hear! We talked about how sensitive she is and if she will grow out of it...Ruth Lah says that her daughter fainted while hearing the story "Old Yeller" in school, so at least we know to avoid sad books/movies! :)

Carter had his 3 year old check up today, he is a good communicator and analyzes things before he does anything.

Alli is a little stinker, she is not wanting to eat with the family lately. She wants to just graze and doesn't really seem to eat much.

Pepper hasn't ran away in a while, which is nice, since we are down to 1 car.

My ladies bible study is winding down, and we have 2 chapters left. It has been great. My allergies is kicking in really bad! I think something must be bloomin or the dust that is getting kicked up from the demo might been the culprit.

We are headed to the cities this weekend to see Brenda and Kirk for Memorial weekend. I am almost 31 weeks, and think I will be enduced the 20th of July, so only 8 weeks left! CRAZY

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I am a wife and mother of three beautful children. I like to keep busy up here in Ely, since there isn't much to do. Sydney is in preschool, and I take the kids to ECFE every week. I am starting a ladies bible study 2 times a month and am also leading another bible study, twice a month. We love hiking, boating, fishing and going on dates together...we love our new life up here in Ely!