Friday, July 27, 2007

Carter, exhausted from lunch...

Carter couldn't keep his eyes open after he had his lunch. He was all tuckered out...(his outfit is compliments of grandma nancy...something Mark wore when he was a little boy!)
The day flew by...We barely did anything (it seemed)
Carter and Sydney helped me make banana bread and some jello pudding, along w/a roast for dinner...
The kids had of those quick/boring days...
Ever have days like that?
I had a baby shower to go to this evening for Kelly. So, Mark took the kids to his parents for some play-time.
I will sign on again soon! Have a FABULOUS weekend!


Marcy said...

So cute, Krista!

Anonymous said...


Hey how are you? I haven't talked to you in forever and I just stumbled across your blog through Karie's. I'm going to add your link to my blog...hope all is well!


Krista said...

Hi Kelli.
I am doing is your pregnancy? Exciting? Babies are truly a blessing, as you will soon find out.
Keep in touch...if you have pregnancy questions email me, no problem, I just got done for the third time!

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