Monday, August 6, 2007

Last week!

Well, it's been a while since I have posted on my blog. We have been out-of-town!
Monday & Tuesday the kids and I headed up to Detroit Lakes, MN to visit my grandparents and aunt and uncles up there...the car ride was SO LONG! We were relieved when we were able to get out and run! Melanie met up with us in Little Falls, so she was able to spend 2 days with us.
The kids played with my cousins (weird I know), they had so much fun! We went to see my cousins in the BMX races. It was so neat to see these little kids race bikes. They even had a girl and a boy who were 3 years old racing!
Wednesday we headed back to Brainerd and spent through Sunday at Mark's grandma's cabin. It was a rough ride there...Alli cried, I had to pull over a couple of times. I think the kids were sick of riding in the car.
Thursday we hung out at the lake, the kids loved getting rides in the paddle boat, playing in the sand...and chasing Mark around. We stopped and hung out at the Crow Wing county fair for the evening.
Friday we trucked into Pequot Lakes and hung out at crafters market, gander mt and the park.
Saturday we played at the lake in the morning and Grandma and Grandpa Krekelberg joined us for the weekend at the cabin.
Sunday we went into Pequot Lakes for the craft sale, ate lunch with Grandma/pa, and headed back to the cabin for a nap. We had to head back to "reality" in the evening, it was a long car ride again....but we made it back.
Today was recovery day for us all! Catching up on household duties.
Tomorrow we are starting to watch Haylee, so we will let you know how that goes (part time, temp job for me) PTL

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Ruthy said...

Hey, Krista - the boys didn't end up placing; if they would have won that last game, they would have played again to see if they would play for 3rd or 1st. It was a LOT of playing for not even placing, but it was fun! Say - if this weekend is too much for the kids (& you and Mark!), don't fret it. We'll just come down for the day on Saturday and head home Saturday night. Don't feel like you have to pack up and go again! I know it's a lot of running around. I'm exhausted from all the running, and I just have 1! Let me know what you decide.

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