Thursday, October 30, 2008

Visit to the Cities!

We just got back this morning from the cities...and I am so tired...we left at 8:15 and made it on time for Sydney to make her Halloween party at preschool today! She dressed up as an angel.
I drove down Tuesday morning early to make court at 9:30.
The Court hearing to was to see if Heidi should go back to my parents or not. No decision was actually made but, should be made by 30 days...It lasted an extra day which was unexpected, we learned alot of new things, and learned how the courts system works...glad I am not an attorney! Holy cow, you have to be quick on your feet and in your thinking with people, asking them questions to incriminate themselves...very fascinating! Heidi got on the stand even and told the court that she didn't want to go home, that brave soul! Anyways, Heidi is going to move this weekend up to Detroit Lakes to live with my aunt and uncle, knowning the judge hasn't ordered her to DL and issuing a transfer of legal custody yet...its hard not knowing and not being able to get on with her life! She is excited to start the new quarter at DL for school, so she won't be just the "new kid" they all start new classes starting Monday...
Jack took care of the kids both days, even missing a day of deer stand fixing with his buddy to watch my little rugrats! Isn't that sweet?! the kids adored him and had fun pretty much jumping on the trampoline and running outside bare-foot! :) The weather has been surprisingly pleasant, and I am thankful for every warm minute we got!
Tomorrow is Halloween, and Sydney is going to be "snow white", Carter will be a "cow" and Alli will be a "puppy"...We are having a Halloween party at our house tomorrow night with friends, we will be eating, trick or treating and than playing games with the kids. We also will visit the wolf center, nursing home, pamida and apartments, during the day as well as the library during the day!
Happy Halloween!!!!

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