Monday, October 6, 2008

Garage Sale

Last week, my friend Jennifer and I had a garage sale together...After weeks of preparation we opened Friday and Saturday...people are crazy here about having garage sales!!!!!! They were peeking in the garage the day before wanting to shop, and Friday they were here about 6 hours early trying to get in...we had lines and lines of people with stuff! I know between a couple of us, we made about $1500! Isn't that crazy!? So, if you want to have a garage sale up here with me, feel free to come on up...the thing that floored me, was that it was 20+ outside, and we still did so awesome! So, imagine in the spring when people are shopping for their "cottages" and it's nice outside!
Last week we met for our MOPS was so encouraging to hear, some moms say they wanted away from the MOPS materials b/c it seems as though they are too cautious in "offending" people...they really want to grow! So, I am leading a study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss called "Lies Women believe and the truth that sets them free"...I am overwhelmed and humbled at this opportunity...There are women coming from all walks of religion, so please pray for salvation and "soft words"...from me.
Sunday Mark tried a new lake, but didn't catch anything. I am going to a Longerberger party tonight at Jen's house.
We had ECFE today and the kids learned about transportation, different vehicles, and enjoyed painting and making crafts...
I think we are all catching a cold, so I am headed back home to take a nap!
I am also starting another Bible Study with some women at the other Baptist Church in town called "Seeking Him" about seeking personal revival...
Things are sure busy here...hope you are all doing well...:)

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I am a wife and mother of three beautful children. I like to keep busy up here in Ely, since there isn't much to do. Sydney is in preschool, and I take the kids to ECFE every week. I am starting a ladies bible study 2 times a month and am also leading another bible study, twice a month. We love hiking, boating, fishing and going on dates together...we love our new life up here in Ely!