Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bible study and update on Heidi

Today was my first day of leading Bible study and it went well. I had everyone say their background with religion growing up and where they are now. I learned that everyone was either catholic or married to a catholic...but a "submissive one"...meaning they go to their other spouses church right now, mainly lutheran. What a enormous responsiblity and task ahead! Pray for salvation on these women who aren't sure, pray for growth on my part and an openess and willingness to change what the Holy Spirit reveals to me.
I need words to speak that won't offend, if they are my words I will offend, but if the Holy Spirit offends than I call that conviction!
Lies Women Believe is the book we are going through, I am excited. We also are having prayer partners, b/c a lot of them never grew up praying, and its a scary thing for we are teaching them slowly.
Secondly, Heidi is moving homes again. The Will's were unable to do a transfer of custody, and so they are moving her on. She will be staying with my aunt and uncle (Dave & Michele Lawrence) in Detroit Lakes, MN (aka DL)...She was really fighting this move b/c she would of course like to stay with the Wills...she has made so much progress with them, the thought of switching schools tears her up inside, but it's apparent this is what God has for her. There is a court date scheduled, Oct 28 all day...they are going to evaluate if my parents are a safe place fo her, everyone is going to testify: therapists, family therapists, family, heidi, etc...After that the judge rules on whether she goes home or my relatives will do a transfer of legal custody. The good thing of a transfer is that Heidi is no more court ordered a social worker, labeled a foster child, doesn't need permission to go to camp or leaving the state...What a blessing! Pray for her as she struggles with the switch and my family is catholic, so she will have to live out Christ for real...and find a good church or youth group.
Pray for us.

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Shannon Fure said...

Hi Krista, I think of you often! I am so amazed by you and your strength and all that you do! It would be good to see you again or hear from you if you get a chance! Love, Shannon

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