Friday, October 17, 2008


What a day! Alli was giving me a run for my money, let me tell you! She pretty much cried the whole way to the library, which should have been my first clue...than, she interupted story time for the kids with her crying demands...people just smiled and I am sure glared at me when I had to keep taking her out...we made it home in one piece, I don't know how...but, the kids all got good naps today.
Jack and Nancy are on their way up here, the kids are excited...should be a fun weekend!
I started a Bible Study called "seeking him", it's one convicting study...kind of want to put it back on the shelf and quit, but they explained if you quit it would be like going in for surgery and being cut open and jumping off the surgeon's table without being put back together! Nice analogy!
Have a great weekend...oh a bit of reality today: I saw the snow plows out in town, must be testing them out to make sure they work!

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Shannon Fure said...

Hey Krista, sounds great about the week of November 7th. I babysit during the day, but you could bring the kids and they could all play or we could go out later when Matt can watch Jack. Talk to you soon!

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