Friday, October 10, 2008


What an exhausting week emotionally...I am thankful that I have God to look to as a comfort and shield...knowing He is the same, today and forever!
Friends of ours had their baby this wednesday up in ely, and they loss the pulse on the baby for a while, and they had to recussitate the baby and he came through...they did rush him via ambulance to Duluth to keep a close eye on him. The mom was ok, a little sad not to be able to see the baby but, was ambulanced the next day with him...
Also, Warren Brokering (his blog is one I read) passed on to glory today...your heart breaks in two for his wife Tana and those precious children...but, if you look back at his blog he always gave God the glory for what has happened with his battle of cancer. I pray that my faith would stay that strong and I would love Him, no matter what my life was like.
My heart is heavy for them.
No eye hath seen, nor ear heard...what is to come in heaven! Praise the Lord, for the blessed hope of salvation...:) I couldn't imagine, not knowning whether I was going to heaven or not!

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Ruthy said...

Wow - nice picture! Hopefully this week will be less emotionally exhausting. =0)

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