Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had such a fun weekend with Jack and Nancy! We carved pumpkins with the kids, warm up with chili, and I got to spend some time with my friend who just had a baby last week...Sunday, Mark and Jack went out fishing and than we all went out for dinner.
It always goes by so fast!
This morning Nancy came with us to ECFE! If you can take your kids to that program, I highly recommend it! It really breaks up the day, beneficial to you and the kids!
The weather is really turning brisk right now, you can just feel the cold north wind, taking your breath away! We are bundling up with hats and mittens now, and I still have to get winter coats for Carter and Alli, so if you have seen some on sale, I might be down for our court date next tuesday!
Hope you are all well...and if you need anything from pampered chef, or want anything, let me know! I got a catalog show going on now! :)

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Shannon Fure said...

Hey Krista, I know Children's Place has been having a huge sale. I got some good stuff for Jack. Just an FYI.

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