Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election is OVER!

I am so thankful the Election is OVER! This has been one long ride. I am disappointed that McCain didn't win, but know that I did my part by using my vote to the fullest. I can't change the outcome and stressing out about it doesn't help any! I am frankly ready for the media to complain about the democratic party for a change, finally if they screw up our economy, soliders, etc...the republicans are NOT going to blamed...I am happy for the breakthrough for the africian americans...

Enough about the elections!

We have been takign advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having the past few days, I think we walked about 4 miles or so...soaking up the sun!

I am not looking forward to the rain coming and than the snow. We are heading to the Cities for hunting season this Friday afternoon! We will be in the cities for a few days or so!

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Shannon Fure said...

hey Krista! Tuesday is perfect since Dele comes later in the day, not until 3:30. Let me know what time, and should we go shopping or just hang out. I don't have your number or email, so hope you check this!

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