Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall has arrived!

Well, it is definitely fallish out there! The weather was exeptional all last week and it was really warm. I was thankful for that.
Alli is very independent, and usually the cause of strife between her and Carter! She is feeding herself, and throws herself on the ground if she isn't happy with of joys...
Carter is pretty sensitive and keeps an eye on the girls, his latest habit is holding the door for the ladies! We are there for quite a while sometimes while he waits and waits for ladies to come through the door ways at preschool, but he is quite a gentleman! I am proud of him!
Sydney is enjoying preschool and exploring different things, she is practicing writing and learning about how to make applesauce and even apple pie! She loves her time to learn.
I had the opportunity to peel and slice 2 crates of peaches with a friend here, and we bagged them and labeled them for the freezer! NUMMY! Quite a few didn't make it :)
We started ECFE today, which will go through December, I Really enjoy it...helps me network other moms, talk through some normal kid issues and get some idea's for myself! The kids enjoy the interaction with new kids and enjoy the crafts and different projects they introduce!
Jack and Nancy came up this weekend (we're spoiled, I know!)...we took them hiking up to Secret Blackstone Loop...what a fun hike, we hike around 3 lakes and up and down varies terrain, and skipping through various swamp lands. Mark went fishing on Burntside, but was unsuccesful into luring fish to his boat :)...They went home today and the kids got a little teary eyed, they want them to come back and never leave!
Sunday school has been going good, I have 5 in my class, and they are smart! Memorizing their verses and retelling the Bible stories to family!
This weekend we are having a garage sale...getting rid of lots of baby stuff, and misc stuff that I can and will live without!
Pray as our church called a pastor, that if this is the right man for the job, that it will be an easy transition...that we will know whether we stay or go...and also pray for my garage sale...that I can sell most all of the stuff and that we will have great weather.
Come and visit, the colors are starting to look really pretty!!!


Ruthy said...

Sounds like things are busy in Ely!! I hope we can get up there soon. It's so fun to hear how the kiddos are growing! I can just picture Carter holding the doors - cute! =0) Give me a ring this weekend if you have some time, and we can catch up!

Kirk, Bren, Faith said...

That is so cute that Carter is such a little gentleman!!

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