Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday fun

We enjoyed the Ely Gospel Tabernacle on Sunday. The music worship part was a blessing. The "tab" wasn't the church for us however. I didn't like the part that the pastor was praying for all the churches in the local area who didn't have pastors to get them (he prayed for lutherans, catholic, baptist, etc...). I felt as though, we were praying for them to be "lead astray". They believe in a personal relationship with Christ, but I think the lines of "accepting everyone and everything" and not "offending anyone" were issues they blurred my standards on. I think that if you are of Christ, you will offend some people. You will suffer for Christ (in a very small way).
Anyways...Sunday we were going to go out with some people, but we didn't connect, so we ended up driving around later on and going out to eat ourselves...We probably saw a dozen deer over by the lake. It's fun to see.
Monday was a good day. The kids and I went to an ECFE Gym night where they played with lots of kids in a gym. We also hit the library to get some new books (I swear we read about an hour a day).
Today I had a follow up check up with the dr. All is good.
Tonight, Sydney and Mark have a date night, so I better get off the computer so they can go to the GEL.
We are planning on going out to eat and see a play with some people in town Friday night. Just feeling guilt-free about leaving the kids...is the hardest for me. And, meeting new people. We won't know the couples we are going with (except one)
Wednesday looks like a playdate with Paula and her two kids, and Thursday is MOPS! YEAH! Well...hopefully I can update soon! Have a great week...and keep praying our house to sell!

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