Thursday, April 17, 2008


This morning the kids and I walked to was about 1.3 miles...they did great.
MOPS was so refreshing this morning. We talked alot about how we need to be hospitable (did I spell that right?)...Do people feel at home at your house? Are you always cleaning before they come? Can you be spontaneous? Do you really stop what you are doing when your guests are over and meet their needs? Really listening? It was sure a challenge. I thought back to Martha and Mary today when I read the Bible...I am more Martha than Mary. I want to be busy doing, and everyone to notice, rather than being quiet and listening to what I can learn. God help me there!
Sydney had a little girl come to play with her today and than, Paula and the kids and I walked to the "Ely Feed & Seed" to check out the plants...I made some beef stew, and I think we are going to just relax around home tonight...b/c we are coming home tomorrow (as long as there is no blizzard :))
Also, I have been struggling with wondering how to pray about the sale of our house. I wanted to keep praying that it sells, but yet be submissive to what God is trying to teach us and miss the lesson he has for us. I have tried to confess everything, thinking if I can just be "perfect" God will say "ok, now you are good, so I will sell your house"...and it was so neat, I was reading Luke 11 today and it was the "writing on the wall" I needed! God told the story about a friend asking another friend for 3 loaves of bread in the middle of the night...he was rejected b/c it was too late and they had already gone to bed. So God says...he wasn't given bread b/c of his friendship...the friend just kept knocking, and knocking and knocking, until the friend gave in and gave him what he asked for. What a simple lesson! Seek, and you will find, knock and the door shall be open unto you! Perserverance!!!!!!! So please pray with me, for the sale of our house!

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