Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Blizzard is on the way...

You would think this was a long April Fool's Day joke...but it's not!
We are getting another blizzard come Thursday evening-Saturday morning...we are getting high winds and significant snow fall!
Today we watched Micah and Ana (Paula, my new friend here in Ely's kids). they were fun to have around, my kids really miss having we "smothered" them.
I made homemade chicken noodle soup Monday, and boy was it good...Grandma's cooking is always the best, and it lasted for 3 days straight! Mark is glad it's gone more soup for a while.
We are itching to get outside, but Cater's boots are soaked from laying in the we have to wait...b/c of the snow fall, we still don't have satellite, so no tv...but we are getting better at nintendo! :)
We are still hoping to head to the cities for that wedding, unless it's crazy snow...and than we will stay back...
I forgot to post the april fools day joke ely played on everyone. They posted signs that stated "keep ely in mn, say no to canada"...there were signs EVERYWHERE last Tuesday...the word spread fast, it was on the news in the cities, national news and even someone in Ubikistan called our mayor to try and "buy ely"...the chamber of commerce here, recently hired a new marketing firm to try and stir up new tourism in the area, and they definitely did their job. NO Ely is not getting bought by Canada...we are staying right here...and hope you come up too!

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Merritts said...

We miss you guys! When are you going to come and stay a few days where we can all get together? Let us know, we are dying to see you all.

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