Monday, April 7, 2008

Seriously, is it Spring?

Let me tell you! Whatever happened to Spring? It has been snowing since Saturday night, and it is suppose to continue until tomorrow sometime! They said we had about 2 feet as of Last night...and it looks like 3-4 feet of snow out there right now! Our van is stuck in our parking space, when we got grocery's yesterday we had to put them in a SLED to transfer them to our apartment!!! Churches were canceled yesterday. Business' were closed today, the post office said they were going to try and get mail out, but if your walkway or sidewalk wasn't shoveled, they weren't going to bother. I thought it was suppose to be Spring?
We had a great time Friday night at the VCC (vermillion community college) play! South Pacific was great. The kids did good with Bill and Dorene and they volunteered to watch the kids again soon for us. We will take them up on that!
Saturday we drove to Grand Marias, it was so nice, it was 40's, none of were wearing coats. We ate pizza at Sven and Ole's and walked the boardwalk area...looked for moose, in vain. But we did see a couple of coyote's and deer.
Tomorrow is ECFE (maybe, pending weather), and I am going to make a day trip to Virginia to get the glass fixed on our van windshield. Friday we are heading to the BIG CITIES for a wedding...yeah!
I have been reading in Matthew the past couple of weeks and learned a few things that I must have ignored in Bible class: Jesus fed 4,000 people and at another time 5,000 people...I just thought he did that one time...also, I wasn't familiar with transfiguration, and didn't realize that Moses and Elijiah actually met with Jesus and a couple of his disciples when they were praying. Also, his parables are so applicable and easy to understand and apply it to explain eternity and how to treat people. I think the Religious leaders did us a favor trying to "trick Jesus" into saying something that could get him put to death...
I was talking to Melanie about her church and her pastor was witnessing to a fellow and said...I am not religious, and don't like "religious people" fact, it was "religious people" who tried to put Jesus to death!....interesting?
Have a good week, and if you want to fire up the snowmobile...head north!

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