Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip to the cities, hospital, dr, bathroom, etc!

WHEW! I can't believe it's been a full week since my last post...
We headed back to the cities Friday afternoon and on the way, Alli started vomitting. She must have done that about 10 different times...thankfully we only had 1 more hour to go. We ended up throwing away her car seat, stripping her down and shifting everyone's seating. We thought maybe she was carsick, b/c she had just had a bottle in the car. But, we quickly realized when we got to Jack and Nancy' wasn't carsickness...the kids didn't want to eat their dinner. And just as the adults started to eat, Carter threw up all over me...GROSS!!! Than, Sydney kept saying she was sick too...I didn't know if it was true sickness or "sympathy sickness"...I felt fine, or so I thought....Sure, enough Sydney started throwing up too...Than, they all got diarreah on top of it. And, they wanted to drink liquids, which made everything worse! So...all night long Mark and I were up with one kid, who was either: throwing up or had a dirty diaper!
Saturday morning I was hoping it was a 24 hour bug and it was done...but no...they kept all their symptoms going.
Poor grandma and grandpa! They won't let us visit again!:)
Saturday night, I made a cake that was from a cookbook I got at the library. It took 2 hours! It looked so pretty with Coconut pressed on the outside of the buttercream frosting and the raspberry layered lemon/type cake!
Well, you guessed it! Sunday morning all the adults started getting queesy stomaches!
Sunday night, we headed back to Ely. I had a bucket in the front seat....Alli cried for 75% of the way back ...Carter couldn't stop asking for "mommy" and was crying...we were all going crazy! Mark had to pull over so I could "toss my cookies" and he pulled over to change some more smelly diapers...we thought for sure, we would blow a tire and hit a deer, the way our night was going...but, thankfully the Lord should us some mercy and guided us safely home!
When we arrived, I lost everything, and was exhausted...than in the middle of the night Mark did too...and Carter and Alli was sick again...she was becoming lethargic, which concerned I made a dr apointment right away Monday morning. When I arrived (barely) they said she needed to be admitted to the hospital to get an iv so she wasn't so dehydrated! Seriously, I thought...I am suppose to pick up Sprite, crackers and popsicles for the sick ones at home (including me!)...Change of plans! So, I am at the hospital, and Mark was at home with the crying others...asking for "mommy"...he ended up putting them in the stroller and walking up to the hospital b/c I took the only car we have right now! I took Carter in to the dr as well, b/c he was acting the same way as Alli...By the end of the evening...Carter and Alli and I slept at the hospital and Mark took Sydney home, to peaceful rest!
The next day Mark had to be back at work. So, I had all 3 with me in the hospital room (boy was that fun :() They did xrays on Alli's tummy and did blood work on her as well...thankfully they all came back normal, and released us around lunch time.
She has had dr appointments everyday since to check her weight to see if she has improved. She has been losing weight, but her alertness is better and so we just keep offering her food and liquids...and celebrate when she wants please pray for her to get better quickly! Pray for Carter too...he is still struggling with this bug as well!
I have been "knocking, seeking" the Lord so our house will sell. And he gave me Luke 17 today...if you keep asking persistantly God will answer quickly. So, I asked God to set up a showing soon, b/c your Word says it...and it was so neat, around 5 tonight I got a call saying their is a request for a showing of our house tomorrow morning! Please pray with us consistantly about this issues. God will answer prayer. We need to have faith, and know that God is just and will do more than I can ever ask or think!


Marcy said...

I'll keep praying, Krista! So sorry to hear you all have been sick! Not fun!:P

Ruthy said...

Oh, Krista!!! The joys of being the mother of 3!!!!!!!!! What an awful weekend. Hopefully next time you go down you can enjoy it a smidge more! How exciting about the house. I just watched "Facing the Giants" again tonight and was reminded that NOTHING is impossible with God!! Have faith! =0)

Great Aunt Janet said...

Hi Krista,
Your blog is great. It is so comforting to read what is going on and know that everyone is on the mend! I bet you got more snow this weekend, too. It will be May next week, and that has to be a good thing, even as far north as Ely! We are "seeking, and knocking" for your house too! Hang in there. Give everyone a big hug from Auntie Janet and Geet Gamma!

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