Monday, April 28, 2008

Another trip to the hospital...

Friday night, we noticed Carters tummy looking quite bloated and hard. He was crying b/c of pain, and the dr had been checking Alli's tummy to make sure it wasn't getting hard. So...I was cautious and took Carter to the ER on Friday night. They did blood work and he was rolling back and forth in pain...nothing would comfort him. I felt so sorry for the little guy, when all of the sudden...I started to smell a dirty diaper comin! (go ahead and laugh now...I started cracking up too)...he had a huge diaper and lots of gas...and when I got him cleaned up...he was running around the ER. The dr/nurses thought he was a new boy. I couldn't believe it. I was praising God and laughing...all at once!
It was snowing up here this past weekend. I don't think it matters that May is this week...
Saturday we took a day trip to Duluth and enjoyed the malls/walmart/arbys, etc...and while we were just about 25 minutes away from Ely, the wind was whipping the snow so hard that we couldn't tell where the road began! So, we had to turn around and spend the night in Virginia.
Sunday we were going to try Babbit Baptist, but that didn't maybe next week!
Today we had another dr appointment to double check Alli...and they gave us the thumbs up!
I just started the chapter of John today...and have been in a state of sorrow/diligent prayer. I am just persistantly asking God to sell our house...learning as I go. Do I covet? Do I love the things of the world? It's all going to pass away...I know God's plan is perfect...I just keep praying that I will give God the glory when our house sells and if he chooses not to sell it! I had a great conversation with Shannon Fure today...she said "faith is believing that God will take care of you, no matter if it's the way I have been asking, or if God chooses another route, whether it be foreclosure or something else. Just believe that God will take care of you"...what a refreshing thought.
I felt like I should be reading Psalms when David was in anquish over some of his circumstances though, instead of reading John...:)

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Shannon Fure said...

Praying for you!!! It's easy for me to have faith about your situation, but I struggle in my situations, too! So thank YOU for being an encouragement to me! Love ya!

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