Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day of Prayer

Today is the national day of prayer...did you get a chance to talk to God? I hope so. It was so neat today to see the town of Ely coming together in the park, praying over the city, our nation, etc...They had some worship singing at the beginning and than prayer for an hour. What a blessing! My prayer today is for the salvation of my children and the growth of myself and Mark closer to Christ (and by doing that we will grow closer together).
I had MOPS today, and I offended someone!! (you all knew it would happen some time or another!)...We were talking about whether we were going to keep MOPS going next year, and they are talking about maybe substituting it with maybe a bible study, b/c the material seems a little more practical based things, versus biblical based things...I was encouraged that they have a desire to's where the problem lies. The MOPS group has catholics, lutherans, evangelicals, and baptist all do we study the bible together without conflict? I don't know. I explained how grateful I was that my parents brought us up in a bible-believing home. That they left the catholic more rich my life is today...FOOT IN THE MOUTH for the Catholic ladies...but, of course they voiced their opinion of me. They were offended that I talked ill of the catholic faith. (I honestly didn't mention the catholic faith I just said I look to the closest Bible-based faith, not just a religion)...I said I didn't mean to offend, just what I truly believe. Pray that I would be a testimony and a witness as I talk with these ladies. I did have a chance to talk with her after class and she wants to talk more about our faiths. I am concerned for myself, b/c I don't know the scriptures like I should by pray that I can study the scriptures, so I am not ashamed!


Ruthy said...

Good for you, Krista! The Gospel will offend because people want to believe that "any" way is the way to Jesus. However, the Bible is very clear that salvation is no gained by traditions or works. You keep strong. If you need help understanding conversion from Catholicism to Christianity, Cindy Bliss is a great one to talk to. BTW, I'd LOVE to get together in June! The 1st is Megan's grad., and then the 8th is her baby shower. We'll be down in SF through the 10th. Let me know what works!

Merritts said...

We are having a Girls Night on Friday. What are you coming up for?
It would be so great if you could come for a little bit. We are doing it at Marcy's. I think Tiff, Jen, Amy, me and Marcy will be there.

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