Monday, May 5, 2008

Kid update

First I will update on Sydney. She got herself a big girl bike this weekend! She has a basket, streamers, bell, and water bottle. She also has the princess helmet and knee pads to go with it. She loves riding her bike, she woke up Sunday morning before 6am to ride it...we don't know for how long...but she rang her that woke Mark up and he put her back in bed, to her dismay! She is excited to bike everyday...which is good for me, so I can keep on exercising. We are going to Happy Day's Preschool on Wednesday, they have an open house to show what "school" is all about!
Carter is a little stinker! I tried to get him to make a "poop" in the big potty today...he sat determined not too for 2 hours! But, he did go potty! So, that is good!!:) He got some lizzard rainboots, and now I ready for it to he can play in the puddles. He loves watching Scooby Doo...and everytime Mark comes home, Carter says "the creeper is coming!"...what a cutie! He loves to play with Alli and make her laugh!
Alli is growing up so quickly! She is babbling...we took away all baby food, so she is eating our food now!
Also, she took her first steps last Friday at Story Time!!! WOW! She claps at herself for standing all by herself...Giggles at the kids and definitely stands up for herself when other kids want to touch or hold her... (she just hits them till they go away).
She can tell you what a cow says... she says "Mmmmmm"...
Thought it was time for the kid update! Have a good week...heading to the "Big Cities" Friday! YEAH!

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Merritts said...

We are having a Girls Night on Friday. What are you coming up for?
It would be so great if you could come for a little bit. We are doing it at Marcy's. I think Tiff, Jen, Amy, me and Marcy will be there.

May 6, 2008 12:39 PM

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