Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, it's been a good week. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday we walked the Trazona Trail, that winds around Miner's Lake. It's a 4 mile walk...up and down the country side, but it sure is beautiful. We have a new pet, Dorothy, a grouse that follows us on our walk. We call her name and she comes running out of the woods and follows the kids and I until we get to the "tar" part of the walk...its hilarious. We have also come in contact with quite a few bats on our walk as well. They are big hit up here. People have "bat boxes" on their trees, b/c bats eat mesquitos. YUCK! I say they are the ugliest things I have have ever seen, and now that I have seen one close up. I don't want to do that again!
We have had a playdate with Kristi, Allison, Carly and Virginia this week. The kids rode bikes around. And today, Jennifer (has two boys Carter and Alli's age) invited us over for play and lunch. The kids had a great time.
I am actually sunburnt from our walks! YEAH! I won't look albino for much longer :)
Tomorrow we are watching Micah and Anna in the morning, and than in the evening we are heading to Paula and Matthew's grandparents place on Burntside lake for an overnighter. We are going to bonfire, grill, canoe, boat, etc...I can hardly wait to grill...
We are still waiting for those people to answer keep praying.
Thanks for all your prayers in the past...They are helpful.
Been reading in Acts, learning about how God offered salvation to the Gentiles through Peter and the missionary journey's Paul is on and it's really interesting.
We visited Babbit Baptist again on Sunday. It's great. Everyone is 80+ and treat us great. The Pastor is so wise and practical in scripture, I am learning so much. I think we will go back again on's pretty small about 30 people total, (and our family is 5) reminds us of Bunker a little bit.
Keep in touch, come up for the weekend! Ely is calling you!!!

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Ruthy said...

Hey, Girlie! Glad to hear that things are going well! When exactly are you going to be in Brainerd? Have a fun overnighter. =0)

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