Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So, Sunday we visited "Berean Baptist Church". It was a lot like Bunker Lake Baptist. It was small, looked like a one room school house from the outside. It was beautiful, huge windows to view nature. The people weren't as friendly as the other church, but they were very cordial. Sydney, Carter and Alli ended up in the nursery for Sunday morning service, the don't have any preschoolers so, she didn't have any classes to go to. Attendance was about 50, half being kids, which was cool to see, but most were school-age. I ran into 2 moms I had met at my MOPS movie night. They were nice. One invited me to her home for a little play, but her kids are older so I don't think it's quite a match. I ended up seeing the other mom Monday at the dr office (she is a family practice dr) b/c I was struggling with my coughing and breathing again. I really appreciated her thoroughness. She had me get a chest x-ray and some lab work done to see if she could pin point what was going on. She did notice a small spot on my lungs, but is thinking it was just the way my blood vessels are in my lungs. Also, my white count was high for an allergic reaction. I get asmtha spazams when I am exposed to mold. And am wondering if this apartment we are at, has a huge problem? So, Mark and I will be looking to move here by June 1st.
Tuesday was fun. We went to ECFE, the kids had a blast and so did I. I recognized almost everyone there, and they were so friendly. I think we are going to join the ECFE program. I am checking into Happy Days preschool for Sydney, which she would attend while I take the other 2 to ECFE. Mark hosted his FIRST EVER ANNUAL MEETING for his CREDIT UNION last night!!!! He said it went well. They are good financial, and the people were receptive to him.
Today we had dr appointments for Alli (now weighing 20 pounds) and Carter (at 30 pounds). Tonight we are going to do our basketball brackets for MARCH MADNESS...and we are going to head to the GEL for a night of family swimming.
The weather here is really nice. It's in the 30's...and we are walking everywhere!
IF you get a chance. Call or come up!
Coming back for a quick visit to the cities for Mark's 32nd birthday and Easter...Hope to hear from you soon!

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