Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cold in Ely

Of's below zero here in Ely! We are getting another cold snap (has it ever left is what we are all wondering?)...but, I do see 30's in the forecast for next we have been hibernating at home this past week.
We did take the kids swimming at the GEL (grand ely lodge) last night, which was fun! Alli was crying and whinning for the first 15 minutes, and than she loved the water! She was jumping and laughing...just took her a little bit. The kids really liked the hot tub too, so of course, I suffered and sat in the hot tub with them :)
We are going to storytime tomorrow, and packing up to come back to the BIG CITIES this weekend. It's going to be a long ride...but the outcome is worth it! SHOPPING!!! :))
Have a great weekend.

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kirk & bren said...

Hey Krista,
Hope all is great for you!
Wanted to let you know Kirk and I are expecting another little one in early November!

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