Monday, March 3, 2008


What a weekend it was!
Ely had their first ever wolf-dog sled races! They raced from Ely to Tower and back...they served a lasagna dinner to celebrate before and had an award ceremony was cool to see the different trucks carrying the dogs and the sleds they pulled! I think their was about 6-8 teams.
Very cool!
Sunday we visited Ely Baptist Church. I miss my old church already :)..
It was very friendly! They are searching for a pastor, so they are in "holding" mode right now. It's hard to choose a church with no pastor...Sydney enjoyed her Sunday school class. It was pretty small, her and 2 other kids were the only children.
Carter and Alli went to the nursery, b/c Mark's coworker was working it that day.
We were blessed by the music and Sunday school's so different here. I wish I could describe it to you...basically almost culture shock :), but not in a bad way. We had a couple people ask us out to lunch (and they meant all 5 of us! CRAZY!)...we ended up going out to lunch with everyone at the GEL (Grand Ely Lodge)...apparently the normal "after church" gathering...
We enjoyed EBC...I think we are going to check out Berean Baptist church in a couple of weeks, just to see where the Lord wants us.
It's gotten colder here, it was in the 30's yesterday, and today its' below wind chill again! walks tonight.
I am going to just head back home and snuggle up with the fam!
I did find out about the MOPS group, and in fact a mom invited me to a "girls movie night out" next thursday I am going to do. Got to just throw myself out there...It sounds like fun!

Well...whenever you want to visit! :)

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Ruthy said...

You throw yourself out there, Girl!! Good job! =0) Ely has 2 Baptist churches? I never would have thought it. =0) Way to go getting acquainted - it's what you have to do if you don't want to be alone with the kids for the next year. Keep it up! I think of you often, and am still hoping for a get together the week of March 17th sometime. I'm waiting to see Jon's schedule before i call you. bye for now!

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