Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Whew...Time just fly's!

Do you ever feel like time is just flying by? I can't believe it's been a week since I have posted!
Well, last weekend, we had a great Labor's Day weekend! We pretty much hung out with Mark's parents...b-bque, putting up the swing, going for tractor rides, and best of all...mosquito bites! They are out in full force around here, and I think every mosquito out bit someone in our family!
Tuesday I had the 6 kids again, and it was good.
Today I took Alli to the nurse for the rest of her 2 month shots.
We are praying whether we should keep our appointment for Alli on friday at Children's hospital. They want to keep finding out what is wrong with her colon. I will let you know if we find out something new.
Tonight is church, I think we are just going to get ready for the youth group garage sale.
Carter's new word is "peaz"...(don't worry Jennie, I am still teaching him to say the full word, I don't repeat his "peaz")
Hopefully I will post soon! :)

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kirk & bren said...

Hey Krista,
I had a nice b-day!
I am at the library now and Faith is getting restless, so I have to go! Make sure to update your blog where you have my blog listed to my new blog, I deleted the old one.
And post more pictures, I LOVE PICS!!!
Love you

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