Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hello! I am loving this fall like weather we are having! Today is a bit windy, but nice!
The girls came over today for a play-date, plus I had my daycare, so it was pretty busy, but we had alot of fun!
An update on Alli...She is going to Children's in St Paul Friday for a "barium enema" to determine if she has Hershprongs Disease (part of her colon is dead, so they sew over the bad w/the good) or so they think. The test on Friday will let us know for sure.
This past weekend, we hung out garage saleing, I got a ton of deals...my best find is a "car" for the kids to drive, for only $2! Crazy!
We also went to my cousin's baby's 1st birthday party in Harris...it was fun seeing relatives I haven't seen in a while...plus we bonded w/my sisters which I haven't done in a while!
Carter has dealing with a diaper rash, for a long time, so we are putting him through a few tests to see whats up...
Micah's mom graduates from "flight attendant school" on Thursday...Good Luck Char! Micah misses you!
Well, better get Carter some new clothes, he just dumped my water bottle all over my basement floor, chair, computer desk, etc...


Marcy said...

I'm glad you all had fun today! I wish we could have come!:P
I'll be praying for Alli and all!
Love ya!

Shannon said...

Hey Krista,

Just wanted you to know we started a blog at furefiles.blogspot.com

We are praying for Alli!

Shannon Fure

kirk & bren said...

Hey Krista,
I will be praying for Alli.
Love you all!!

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