Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun in the Rain!

We had a fun morning, in spite of the Rain! I told the kids to get their suits on and we could play in the rain today.
Logan taught Sydney how to find and collect worms...so they each had a cup full of them. Sydney finally got brave after an hour of watching Logan pick them all up for her.
They played tag, catch, golf, we spun them around and got them dizzy, Frisbee, races, etc...so there is a lot you can do in the Rain!
We are pretty tired...so I better make them some spaghettio's before quiet time than I think we will see a movie.
I am finally getting my hair highlighted tonight and colored. I can hardly wait!
On another side note. Alli pooped by herself this morning! Hip Hip Hooray! and, my sister Becka moved in with my grandma, pretty exciting for her!
Have a fun day with the rain.


Ruthy said...

Carter looks nude in both pictures; what's going on at the Krekelberg home??

kirk & bren said...

I must agree w/ Ruthy what is going on at your house with all the nudity???


Krista said...

Well, if you all must know Carter was butt-naked...but for a good reason. He has been battling diarreha & a diaper rash for 6 weeks now...and I was suppose to let him air dry.

Shannon Fure said...

That looks so fun! We'll have to come to your house when we're bored!

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