Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zoo, tournaments, my b-day, etc...

Friday the kids and I went to the fair with our cousin Haylee, Great Auntie Janet, Grandma and Auntie/Uncle Black.
They had so much fun looking at all the animals...and exhausted!
This weekend, Mark had softball tournaments, in the pouring rain! They won 2 and lost 2...it was bittersweet when we headed home.
Sunday, was my 26th birthday, we had lunch at Jack and Nancy's and went to church, listening to Uncle Brandon preach. He did really well!
Monday, we kept busy watching Haellie Opp and grandma and Auntie's came over to play.
Last night we went to the Twins game to root, root root the home team...and it was a shame, they got slammed by the mariners.
Today, I brought Alli to the dr for her shots. She had 2 and one orall med. Next week we go in for the 3 more she needed...(I had the shots separated out so she wouldn't be exposed to the mercury...)
Anyways. I didn't make dinner tonight. So, let's see what we can find around the house!

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Ruthy said...

Happy Birthday, Friend! I did not know when your special day was! I hope you had a great day!

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