Monday, September 1, 2008

September, Seriously?!

Where does the time go? I can't believe today is the beginning of September!
We have been busy, of course guzzing up the house and moving out our stuff from the apartment. What a task!
We have painted the cupboards and put all of that back, but we are searching for new hardware, and planning on painting the kitchen yellow and getting roman shades that coordinate.
We are getting a couple of bids from an electrician to convert our 60amp to 200 fuse box...the electricity is way out-dated!
We came down to the cities for the labor day weekend.
Saturday we spent at the state fair, eating corn on the cob, strawberries 'n cream, mini donuts, corn dogs, pronto pups, foot longs, malt shakes and more!!! (so much for watching my calories and carbs!) The kids loved the animals so we spent a good chunk of our day, hopping over cow piles :)
Sunday we enjoyed church at St Francis and caught up with our friends and than in the afternoon we had a picnic with the grandma's and some family/ was fun and relaxing. Jennie Pahl is enjoying AZ, she is a speech pathologist. She is officially down with her masters program~ CONGRATS Jennie!!! Have a safe trip back to AZ with your mom and baby (Sugar).
Alli is becoming more mobile, climbing the kitchen table and anything she can get a foot hold of.
She definitely knows when she is being naughty, b/c we ask her if she wants to go in her playpen for a while and she shakes her head no...stinker!
Carter is learning more each day, he seems like a sponge. He is prone to accidents and falling down and running into things, so I wonder when that stage will end...His sense of humor is a riot and it's fun to watch him grow.
Sydney is gearing up for preschool right now, she has orientation this week and starts next week. It's a parent cooperative preschool, and she will have 10 classmates. They get them ready for preschool and we will be part of the classroom about 1 time a month. It's 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time, so tuesdays and thursdays I will be walking her to school! My little baby!
Next weekend I am coming back to the cities for a garage sale weekend and girls weekend...I miss you girls! I can hardly wait until next weekend...where I can just lay back and laugh till I cry!
Have a great week!


Marcy said...

I'm ready for Girl's Night, too! I can't wait for you to come!:)

Shannon Fure said...

Hey Krista, glad things are going well. Sorry we missed seeing you at the fair. talk to you soon!

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