Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome Katey Black!

Katey Black is here, we aren't quite sure on the name spelling yet...Sharon delivered her WITHOUT an epideral Friday night...her hard labor was only about an hour so, thank God for that, but OUCH!!!! She weighed 7lbs 10oz...and she is healthy and mom/dad are happy! :) Congrats you guys, and I can't wait to meet you sweet Katey!
This weekend was city wide for St Francis, and I made out like a bandit! I prayed before hand that God would lead us to the right places, and he definitely did! I even got a Schwinn bike for Carter w/training wheels for only $15!! What a steal...
Last night I went out with the girls to Cheesecake Factory and walked Southdale. We all gorged ourselves and brought home the leftovers! It was good to reconnect and see how everyone is doing. It seems as though all my friends are getting pregnant or are pregnant, so I hope their morning sickness passes quickly...
News on the Ely front, we have Coyotes running around town lately, in fact Mark was driving and saw one hanging out by our yard, and chased it away...weird!
Sydney starts preschool this week full time (tuesdays and thursdays noon-3:30)...she is so excited, and I am happy for her.
Well, we are heading back early today to the Iron Range...ready for winter to set in, it's been in the 30's in the morning/overnights...BRRRrrrrr.rr....Come and Visit!

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Kirk, Bren, Faith said...

You make is sound so tempting to come visit you in Ely. ha ha Although cold weather sounds great to me right now! I love Cheesecake factory, and southdale! I went to Cheesecake factory saturday also, what a coincidence.
Miss you

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