Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Visits!

This past weekend was so fun for us! My Grandma came up to Ely with my sisters Melanie and Heidi...we all met in Duluth, since I had an appointment with the allergist at SMDC. I learned a new fact! I am allergic to Birch Tree's and for some reason when I eat apples, my body thinks it's a birch tree and my mouth will swell up! Also, I have to stay away from hazelnut, peeling potato's & carrots raw! It was really eye-opening!
We met in Duluth and my family followed us back to Ely.
We visited the International Wolf Center in the morning, caught a free lunch at Veteran's on the Lake...stopped by the Rauch's (friends of ours), and shopped a couple was so fun.
Sunday we hosted the fellowship snack, and I started teaching the preschool sunday school.
Thanks for coming up this past weekend you guys...come again soon!
Monday night I surprised Mark w/a date night...we went fishing out on Birch Lake!
Tuesday night was truck night in Ely, the kids climbed on all sorts of trucks and learned what they were for.
Tonight Sydney started Awana Cubbies!!!
Alli was moved to a BIG GIRL BED...she is adjusting well.
This weekend we are thinking of getting up early and going to Duluth to enjoy hiking and breakfast :)
Hope all is well with you, keep in touch

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