Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lonely & New Teeth!

I trust you all had a great Christmas. Here is a picture of Faith and Alli at Christmas in their matching pj's. We had a blast with Kirk, Brenda and Faith this Christmas. Unfortunately, they are all really sick with colds/flu, etc...
We are officially LONELY. Mark has moved up to Ely and has started his new job. He is doing well and keeping very busy. He did a little grocery shopping to stock up his fridge/cupboards! He put together his two necessities...his bed and tv! :)
Alli has some big news, Heidi noticed Friday when we were in the truck heading up to Ely that she had some sharp teeth poking through! OUCH! She popped her first bottom tooth...Hooray for Alli!!
Heidi is going to be starting school next monday at St Francis High School, so we are shopping and enjoying all the company with her this week.
Sydney and Carter are playing "house" and laughing with Alli as they play with her phone. Good sounds to hear :)
Hope you have a great day...Since Mark is up north, I will be trying to post as often as I can.

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