Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sleigh Ride

Last Sunday we went on a sleigh ride, compliments of the Karpe's...and had a blast. This week seems to just slip away from me! How about you? I still have to go Christmas shopping for most everyone, so looks like Mark and I are going to have to double team it, split up and shop!
We found this GREAT new hill by us, so the kids and I have already been sledding twice this week. I am excited for the new snow so we can go again tonight! If you are up this way and like sledding!!! This is your hill! I was so scared going down, b/c it had all the "jumps and stuff". Not my kids! They were running into their sleds and flying over the jump! (crazy!, even Carter)
Hope your Christmas is splendid...Don't forget to Thank God for giving us the best gift of all. HIS SON!

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Ruthy said...

Hey, Girl!! Lots of changes going on in your world right now, hah? Looks like you're jumping right in, though!
Jon is doing a job in Biwabic (know where that is?) in the middle of January. Any chance you will be in Ely then or is the plan still for Mark to go up until the house sells? This is just the plumbing rough-in, so he will be going back for the finish in a few months. I thought maybe Z and I would sneak along if you will be around at that point. Food for thought!

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