Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sydney! 4 years Old!!!!

Sydney with her birthday cake...Princess castle!
Adorable picture of Alli, bundled up in the bathroom sink, checking herself out in the mirror.

We had a great weekend with Mark last week. It was so fun to have him an extra day because of the holiday!
Sydney and I worked hard on making her a princess castle cake, and it turned out just like we planned... She loves the color purple, so we decorated just for her...we added rose bushes to the courtyard of the castle to give it some extra color. Friday night was great, my sister Melanie came up to watch the kids, while I got out with my girlfriends. We had a great time at Cafe Late down in St Paul. I highly recommend it! They had the neatest pizza's ever. I chose the vegeterian girlfriends had nacho pizza's, barbeque chicken, margarita, and they even had potatoes in their pizza! Crazy! They also had delicious salads, soups, and desserts! But it was SO COLD!!! Mark got in late but, safely! Saturday was a hoot! We went to Chucky E Cheese for Sydney's birthday. Aunties and Grandparents came along...I think us adults were getting into it more than the kids (me, in particular)...we were able to get 1300+ tickets so Sydney got an extensive sticker collection prize! Afterwards we went to Great Grandma Olson's for cake and presents...Sydney had so much fun! We were pretty tired, but not too tired for our favorite Chinese food at ASIA Chow Mein in Heights! It was so gooooood...The kids were so tired from our day, they went to bed at 7:30! Sunday was actually Sydney's birthday so, she brought cookies that we made to her class, and she got her birthday spankings from us all :) After the night church we asked her where she wanted to eat...and she choose McDonalds! We picked up a couple of movies and headed home. Since Mark was home on Monday, we hit Albertville Shopping and had a great time. A lot of deals, if you get a chance...Gap was a jackpot...all their clearance was 50% off! Old Navy had great deals, along with Carters and Children's Place.
Mark headed back to Ely after 7pm, so he didn't get up to his place until 11:30pm!
Tuesday we just went back to the usuals nothing exciting...Today is our family's day of prayer. If you think about it...please pray with us, as we ask God to sell our house before the end of the month!
We are ready to be a family again and move up to where we know God wants us... Please pass our prayer request to everyone you know will take time to pray today!
Thanks you all...have a great week!


Ruthy said...

Oh, Krista..........we have been thinking about Syd! We were going to call her tonight, but didn't get home until 9:30. I figured she was in bed, and if she wasn't you wanted her to be!! Zoe has been talking about Sydney turning 4 "just like me." It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday weekend, and her cake looks great! Thank you for sharing pictures of her special day!! Happy birthday, Syd!!!

kirk & bren said...

Hey Krista,
Love the pics, I am still sending sydney something for her b-day, just a little behind schedule, alliandra is so cute in that pic!
We miss and love you all

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