Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Ely

Well, we are definitely missing Mark...especially me...I think the kids sleep horrible while he is gone. I am up every hour, for a while during the night. Dealing with fire alarms, kids falling out of bed, throwing up, coughing waking them up, Alli crying, etc...It's crazy. I would give just about anything to get a full nights rest w/out waking up! HELP!
Anyways, Sydney was really struggling this week in missing Mark, so we are heading up to Ely a day early.
Heidi has some appointment tomorrow morning downtown, and than up we go! Mark has a work Christmas party Friday night, so we will be going to that and Saturday is sledding and hanging out...
Enjoy your weekend!


The Blacks said...

Hey Krista,
I am soooo glad that all is going well! Little alli is so cute. Love you tons, Sharon

Karie said...

I am praying for you, I feel so guilty when I am upset that Jay is home late, you are so strong to be doing this by yourself. Any leads on selling? I wish you guys weren't so far or else we would consider it. Have a really fun weekend, we'll miss you tomorrow, oh thanks for the swing in advance, I am getting it tomorrow.

Shannon Fure said...

krista, I will be praying for you! That must be tough! Hope we can get together soon!

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