Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun at the park! we are trying to start a regular routine (the best way for the kids and I to keep my sanity, I think)
The kids and I took a walk down to the park. It's about a half mile away, and Sydney was a trooper, and walked the whole way! Carter and Alli got pulled in the wagon. We were a sight!

Carter truly misses Mark. He makes us all miss him even more...his famous saying is "dada, dada, dada" and we hear this all day long! He gets excited as soon as Mark walks in the door...Carter achieved climbing the ropes at the park, my little dare devil keeps me on my toes!

Sydney is such a sweetie at the park, she runs and catches Carter, and makes sure he is ok and helps him down when he is stuck. She also has her own "baby" that she likes to fact, she pushed the "Baby" to the park w/us.

Alli enjoyed the ride to the park, but got hungry half way through. That's always awkward. Oh well, we dealt with it, and are full! :)She is more alert the past 2 days...which is a blessing...She is so cute!
I can hardly wait for Mark to get home tonight, b/c we have the weekend together! YAHOO!Mark and Sydney are going strawberry picking tomorrow, and we have church Sunday.Well, I am off to a nap and to get a quick lunch!


merrittfam said...

You are definitely my hero-taking three kids to the park by yourself-wow. Looked like fun though-you guys have a good weekend. We were possibly thinking of getting together next Friday, what do you think?

Marcy said...

So cute, Krista! I hope your new schedule is working out! What's going on Friday?! I haven't heard anything!:)

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