Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alli Update

Well, yesterday was a big day! Started at 4:30am. And I AM TIRED!
Back to Alli.
She did good with her sedation medication and her MRI. We stayed in the hospital for an additional 12 hours, so they could observe her. Her observation was uneventful (thankfully).
The Ultrasound Tech's were pretty quiet about what they saw/didn't see, but the nurse who was with Alli the whole time said that they didn't find anything. PRAISE THE LORD. But, that is unofficial, so still waiting for my dr to call us back and let us know for sure.
But, thank you for your prayers. GOD is GOOD...I am sure she is fine, and whatever it was is now gone, thanks to your prayers!
She is such a good/content baby.
Carter and Sydney had a fun day at my mom's house. My sisters kept them entertained. Carter's latest thing is making sounds of a "cow" and "snake".
Sydney loves mothering him, and she is really good at it.
Oh, Alli started cooing today and smiling back at us! Cutie!!
I am signing off for now, but thanks again for your prayers.

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Ruthy said...

So glad things went well - thought about you guys a lot yesterday. See you soon!

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