Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Ely Basketball game

We went to the library for storytime yesterday morning and the kids loved it! It's always fun to listen to stories with friends and when someone else is reading (and if you get a cookie at the end) :)!
We attended the first of many, I am sure, Ely basketball games. Sydney's friend Broc played at halftime. It was fun to watch and I couldn't believe how many people who don't have family playing come out to watch and support the team. They got creamed by Cloquet, but that's ok we enjoy hoops anyway!
Broc is 5 and he plays with the kindergarten boys, and every varsity boys home game, they play at halftime. Gives them practice for a crowd and learning the key skills.
Today we are going to a birthday part at LaTourell's...their friend Grace turns 3. (broc's sister) Its more fun for the adults to get together, I think :)...
Tomorrow is the 2nd annual dog sled racing, I don't know if we will make it or not ,but its fun to see the dogs pull the sleds.
Hope all is well...

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Shannon Fure said...

Ely sounds like one of those towns on a Hallmark movie! Perfect!

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