Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blessings and Opportunity's

I feel really blessed lately, and a bit overwhelmed...the big thing going on right now, is the moms bible study we are doing. We layed out the plan of salvation and gave them the opportunity to accept Christ. It was neat to hear the questions, and the sad thoughts they had about other family members that would go to hell if they didn't follow Christ too. The Bible way is so clear and easy, but it seems that other religions say, Christ wasn't enough, I have to do "xyz" too... talk about a slap in Christ's face...Lord, you can be my help when I need you financially, when Im sick or someone I know is sick, but when it's comes to heaven, I know better? Sad, but true alot of the time. We are continuing in our "Lies women believe" book this coming week, and there are a lot of convicting thoughts, so I pray God will continue to work. The funny thing about this study to me is, some of these women don't believe the bible is 100% true, but yet they still want to study it? Praise the Lord, he works in mysterious ways. I have been able to indivually talk to each of the ladies, and pray that I can keep the communication lines open and be able to field the questions in a biblical way!
We are going to be heading to brainerd this weekend, getting hair cuts and staying at the waterpark. pepper will stay with a coworker of mark's and he will be completely pampered.
Brenda is due today, and I hope she will go soon! I am looking forward to little Luke!
I am 16 weeks pregnant, I think? yeah I am pretty sure, definitely growing a belly, awkward stages.
Mark has really wrecked his back...he actually broke down and went to the chiropractor today. He has a bulging disk, crooked spine and mulitple misplaced stuff...he had too much inflamation for the dr to do anything today, so tomorrow morning he is going back after he is done icing it all night! Poor guy, he acts like a 90 year old frail man! :)
Alli is talking a little more, saying "bowl, ball, yeah, pepper" It's funny to hear her talk. She is definitely independent, we won't know where she is and than we will find her all by herself playing in the toy room.
Carter is ready to turn 3, he asks almost everyday when his birthday is! He has a bad cough now, so we are praying that goes away quickly. He loves being outside with me, rolling in the wet snow.
Sydney is doing well in preschool, her review turned out well, she is doing everything a 4 year old should be doing. She is excelling in awana program, and loves helping with the dog!
Ely was super warm this past few days, and still is in my book (about 20 degrees)...its been a huge blessing for us! We have been taking advantage of this great weather!
hope you are all doing well! Toodles.

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