Thursday, January 22, 2009

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted! Well, what is different in our lives? Pepper is the new addition to our family. He has exceeded our expectations! He listens really well, shakes, sits and never barks. The kids do everything to him and he just sits there, the cutest thing is Alli likes to grab his face with both her hands and says "mmmm" and kisses him on the mouth! He ususally is forced to lick her...we laugh. She also locks herself with him in his kennel...he tries to look the other way, while she shares her baby and blankie with him! He is a fun addition.
We had a cold spell last week and are getting another one tonight. It's so hard on us b/c we are locked inside, with no where to go! Bummer! I am really hoping for an early spring.
I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and have gotten my appetite back...but am doing a 4 mile walk to make up for it...which probably doesn't equal the amount of food I have been consuming...I have been so hungry lately!
Mark had his annual audits done and he got a Camel rating 2 which is really good, and his audits this week went great too.
Hope all is well, and I understand if you don't want to visit us here but come spring you should come up! Oh, Feb 6-16 is Ely Winter Festival...if you are interested check out

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