Tuesday, July 15, 2008

God is Good

Well, I would just like to say God is good!
The guy who submitted an offer on our house last week, received a counteroffer back from us, and he said he wasn't interested anymore and walked...oh well, his loss...and I know God has a reason for all of this.
Tonight we have another showing, so I am praying that God has brought the right people through our house to have it sold soon!
I found out yesterday someone I use to go calling on and invited to church many times died last week. Marie Lawson passed away suddenly...if any of you know her, the funeral was today. I think it was related to some heart valve issues. The exciting thing is she is perfect and complete in Christ now, which is exciting.
Carter got his cast cut off today, he doesn't use that arm still, out of habit...pretty neat!
Heidi (my sister) was accepted to move in with a new foster family the Wills...the mom planned a 3 week trip to Hawaii, just to relax and get to know her better! Wish I could be placed there :) don't we all? :)
Hope your week is good...tomorrow its to the library for "sparky the clown"...and we discovered some new trails up by canada here! It's loads of fun..."secret blackstone loop" you literally are hikin through the woods and you can see tons of lakes and wildlife (mosquitos especially) it's beautiful! Hope you can come soon!

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