Friday, July 11, 2008

824 E Chapman

Well, we bought a house in Ely! Our new address will be 824 East Chapman Street!!!
We move in during the month of August, the exact date isn't for sure b/c the lady who is moving out is moving into a newly built retirement community...the day she is suppose to move in is August 1st, but you know how that can sometimes not always pan out...
I was just casually walking by a couple of weeks ago, and noticed they had a big yard, the house looked nice and so I suggested we take a look...anyways, Mark looked it up online and scheduled a showing. That night we decided to place an offer b/c it was so reasonable and well kept...and we found out that we are the proud new owners of a home in Ely!
The home was built in 1929, it's 3 bedrooms 1 bath, kitchen, dining room and living room (with a full basement and 2 car garage). The stove is from 1956 and looks brand new! (it has a soup well, where you can simmer your soup/stews all day long and it replaces a burner) The tub has those claw feet on the bottom, with no shower. Mark wants a shower, so we are going to have to get rid of that. We are pretty excited...God has blessed us deeply.
About our house, it is now on the market with another relator and we have had two offers so far, and we heard about someone else who might make an offer, so pray that this can all go through quickly. The Lord is so gracious! I give him all the glory.
We spent a week and weekend in Brainerd, so that is why I haven't been able to Mark is crazy busy at work and has been working late, so I can't get to the library alone to check the interenet.
Brainerd was fun, Sydney caught her first fish! A 20 1/2 in Northern...we fryed it up last night, it was great...she wants to go back out and fish some more so, I think tomorrow we might hit Shagawa Lake and go fishing for part of the day.
Carter still has his cast on...he has adapted well, and is hoping to get it off next Tuesday.
Alli's main method of transportation now is walking, she is responding to questions we ask her by nodding her head yes or shaking her head no.
Mark is saturated with work things, he is converting their old computer system over to the 21st century and is training in on a new system...the conversion is complete the 1st week of August, so if you think of him, pray for an easy transition for him and his employees!
I am excited for the move and have been studying "strenthening your marriage" and "growing kids God's way"...some nugget of truth I was convicted of is...instead of worrying about "why" your child behaved the way they did, you need to just correct the behavior's...too often we are trying to excuse or explain the behavior and glorify the pyscology of our children's actions instead of correcting the response or behavior of the child. It was very enlightening...
Well, hope you guys are all well...don't forget "Ely is calling!"

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Shannon Fure said...

Krista! I am so happy for you! I was just saying to Matt I was wondering how you guys were doing. That is so wonderful about both houses. Sounds like you have had tons of fun family stuff lately! Well we're just so happy for you! It would be fun to visit!

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