Monday, June 2, 2008


Mark has officially started fishing. He went out early Saturday morning, and found a spot on the river, right out of town. Than, early Sunday he was up again, and got a small mouth bass. He threw it back, and went out again Sunday afternoon...bring the troops (all of us) with him. I have never seen so many woodticks in my life! They were crawling all over us! YUCK! So, needless to say, as tempting as fishing is with Mark, I'd rather stay back with the kids! We did get them a scooby doo fishing pole, so they could go fishing too...but to no avail.
Saturday we went over to Jennifer and Dan's home. They grilled and we talked. They have 2 boys Cooper and Conner (Carter and Alli's age)...we all had a great time.
Big news at our house. Carter has been in BIG BOY underwear for a week now...he is doing good. We are working on making it a habit to put him on the big potty, and he usually goes (we only do it every couple/few hours)...It's so rewarding to see him not in diapers.
We are looking forward to our family flying in next week, and a full week of vacation for Mark. We are heading to the cities Friday night, and having a birthday party for Alli on Saturday...the BIG ONE! Can't believe it...
We will head back to Ely on Tuesday for some exploring time and meet our family back in Brainerd for some fun at the lake.
Hope your summer is starting good...If you come and visit here...bring the STRONG bug spray or don't go out after 7! The bugs will take you away! :)


Ruthy said...

Hey, Girl!! I think we are totally available on that weekend. Zoe is going to be in a little 4th of July pageant at the mall, but I think it's the next weekend. I'll find out just to be sure. Let me know what you want to do! We are up for anything (that's cheap=0).

Shannon Fure said...

Krista, hope to see you this weekend! We're free Saturday if you can get together!

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