Friday, March 5, 2010

Well...took me long enough!

Well, it's been way too long since I have posted last! Sorry!
Things are going pretty well here in Ely. This winter has really spoiled us! I am waiting for the below zero streches and snow dumps soon! The kids and I have been sledding at Hidden Valley almost every afternoon! We don't even need coats, just snowpants and gloves and off we go! Grant too his first sled ride too!
Grant is growing. He got his bottom teeth last month and is really smiling and cooing. He is moving around on his belly too, won't be long and he will be crawling! We just moved him to his own room this week, it's so sad seeing such a tiny baby in a big crib! But, it's nice having your room back!
Alli is busy, and is starting to bond more with Grant, she is realizing she can be a helper and be a teacher. I am thankful for that. She is a joy and I look forward to every stage.
Carter is all boy! He is running all over and took ski lessons this past winter. He really progressed and battled through falling, and falling, and falling!!!!!!! Poor guy, he just asked dad to push him up the hill so he could cruise down, like a gorilla. :) he is into #'s and learning how to recognize them. He likes going fishing with Mark and did ice fishing for the first time last month.
Sydney has finished K5 Math and only has 50 more phonics lessons! She can write cursive, add, subtract, count by 2, 5, 10's and recognize money (who can't :)). She loves a challenge and pushes herself! She is also a natural in sports! She just picks anything up! I am thrilled for her. She was in skiing and was quickly moved up to the next level and also played basketball. She played in 2 high school games half time shows and did really well. It's so weird seeing her playing basketball, b/c Mark and I used to play!
I feel like i can't keep up with housework sometimes and getting together with friends! I go out once a month with other mom's and it's huge reconnecting and laughing! I miss my friends from the cities at times and look forward to reconnect.
Hope you are all well

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