Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a weekend!

The kids and I had a fun weekend at my grandma's in St Louis Park. We stayed over night Friday-Sunday.
Friday night was a girls night with the girlfriends...we ate, talked, did karoke, and drank virgin margarita's. It was a blast bonding the girls! Thanks guys...let's do it again soon!
Saturday, we took the kids to the apple orchard, where we picked 10 pounds of apples...and ate as we picked. We had lots of fun. In the evening, Melanie and I went to her missions conference at Grace church. It was really neat, they had a speaker "George Sada"...he was an advisor to Sadaam Huessin, and talked about being a christian dealing with Sadaam and how he was able to give God the glory and be the modern "daniel in nebuchadnezzer's court"... I got his book "Sadaams Secrets" talking about WMD and how much America is truly appreciated over in Iraq. It was nice to hear!
Today we went to church and out to lunch with my grandma.
I started drinking coffee! (I feel like a grown up now) Rebekah works at Caribou, so she is encouraging me to drink different kinds.
Mark went hunting and didn't see a deer...he had a relaxing weekend.
Oh, on a sad note. Today we found out Mr. Tom Gardner passed away! He was a true warrior of the faith and loved the Lord. He is up in heaven now, with NO PAIN, which is huge b/c he suffered quite a bit. Horner/Gardner/Peterson family's...know you are in our prayers!

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